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How Does CaliberMind Define a "Channel"?

What Is a Channel?

This is an excellent question because there are different answers in the market depending on the product you're using. "Channel" is used interchangeably across marketing automation platforms and CRMs as a campaign type, program, or channel.

In CaliberMind, a "Channel" refers to the UTM Medium related to the campaign touch or event.

Whether you're using CaliberMind's web tracker or your marketing automation platform's means of capturing UTM parameters upon a form fill, registration, or some other digital interaction, CaliberMind uses the captured data to associate UTM snippets to the event in CM Event. This makes it possible to filter down to a Campaign Type like Drift, Chat, Form Fill, or Webinar and view what the person clicked on to arrive at that action in attribution reports.

drift attribution by channel
It's important to note that events will also be logged for paid advertising interactions. Don't assume that a link to the Channel on an event means another event won't be logged to capture the source of the interaction.

Is "Channel" used in ROI or ROAS reports?

No. Channel is a concept used in some attribution reports but not in return on investment (ROI) or return on advertising spend (ROAS) reports.

Today, CaliberMind events list both the "channel" and "campaign" touches - recorded as separate line items. This means that one event is logged for the Drift chat and receives a portion of the attribution (also known as the "touch value"). This also means a second event is logged for the paid search click and will receive a touch value - which means the campaign will be the campaign's name in your advertising platform, the campaign type will likely be Paid Social or Paid Search, and there will not be a Channel listed.

Each touch value will be tied back to the event's campaign costs.

An illustrated example:

Each CaliberMind Touch Value will Be Tied Back to the Event's Campaign Costs

Why Can't I See Channel in Engagement Reports or Funnel Reports?

Channel is a valuable dimension to determine which tactics are effective at causing a subset of campaign attribution. Currently, channel information is one of the last pieces of data appended to attribution data, which means it's calculated on tables that aren't related to engagement and funnel models.

It's also important to note that your funnel and engagement models will show the channel and the campaign type touches as separate events. You'll still see that a digital ad campaign had an impact or created engagement, but it will be in addition to the action they performed with your brand, like a Drift chat or form fill.

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