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Before Using the Engagement Person Detail Dashboard

We recommend you check out the articles on the Engagement Overview Dashboard, Account Detail Dashboard, Using Dashboards, and Engagement Terminology and Key Concepts if you haven't already. We recommend you start from the Engagement Overview dashboard, drill down to the account, then select the person you're interested in.

The Engagement Person Detail Dashboard

The Person Detail dashboard is really intended to help ask questions that are raised by the Account Detail Dashboard, such as "What has this person been engaging with?" or "what is the finance director interested in on our website?"

Start by selecting an account from the Engagement Overview Dashboard:

CaliberMind Engagement Overview Dashboard

Then select the person you're interested in reviewing:

CaliberMind Engagement Overview Dashboard lets you select persons you're interested in reviewing

For detailed descriptions of what the person has interacted with, use the event category:

CaliberMind Event Category filter lets you get detailed descriptions of what persons have interacted with

Use the Campaign category to see which campaigns the person responded to and the Channel category to see how the person navigated to that campaign material.

For more information on Terminology and Key Concepts in Engagement Dashboards, go here.

For more information on using Filters, go here.

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