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Funnel Cohort Analysis Use Cases

CaliberMind Funnel Cohort Analysis Use Cases

The following use cases have been developed based on the perspective of the user type. An explanation of the type of information is provided, as well as a dashboard from where you can easily obtain that information.

Who Would Use the Cohort Analysis Dashboard?

Role: Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, Marketing Directors, Marketing Tacticians, and Operations

Cohort Analysis Use Case Scenario Descriptions
Cohort Analysis for success of marketing campaigns
Each stage in the funnel is influenced by events, programs, campaigns, gated content, UTM codes, etc... By filtering the dashboard by funnel stage using the Cohort Selection dropdown list you are able to track unique trends by date aggregation. Additional drill-down filters such as Company Industry, Company Region, and Company Owner are quickly available via a dropdown list.
Cohort Analysis for average days in stage
The Stage Duration pertains to the length of time an opportunity has spent in a particular sales stage, specifically since the opportunity was moved to the current stage. In this metric, the average number of days the cohort has spent in a given stage is highlighted. Sales representatives commonly use Stage Duration Reports to track how long it takes them to move through sales stages. It is a valuable indicator of a pipeline or opportunity's health and velocity.
Cohort Analysis for journey exit rates
Similar to your customer's journey, the marketing funnel is broken down into stages. Your target audience needs to be aware and make a purchase for your campaign to succeed. Practically speaking - A journey is successful if it reaches the final stage of the funnel, which in most cases will be recorded as either a 'closed won' or 'customer' stage. The question you need to answer is: where are my leads exiting the funnel? This will immediately indicate issues that need further evaluation or reflection on successes.

Setting up the Cohort Dashboard for Reports

Where do you start?
  • Select the 'Automatically Qualified Account' Cohort Selection.
  • Why? Although many marketers have a tendency to begin cohort analysis at the 'Inbound' stage it is best to begin analysis at the 'Automatically Qualified' stage.
  • The reason? The 'Inbound' stage is too low (absolute) of a threshold. When a lead hits the 'Automatically Qualified' stage it becomes what is known as an MQL and is recognized as a point where we have gotten the attention of the prospect (differential threshold.) [Linkedin: Amar Patel]
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