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CaliberMind Insights - Navigating to Insights/Dashboard

How to Navigate to the Insights Dashboards

How do I navigate to CaliberMind Insights Dashboards?
  1. To navigate to the CaliberMind Insights Dashboards from the CaliberMind app, click on the "Insights" button on the top-left horizontal menu.
CaliberMind Insights button

Insights will open in a new browser.

CaliberMind Insights Appear on a New Browser Window
  1. To select a Dashboard, click on the gray menu to the left of your screen. Click on the Insights Dashboard you would like to view.
CaliberMind Insights Attribution Dashboard Menu
To navigate back to the CaliberMind app, click on the original tab when you first opened the Insights app.
To Navigate Back to CaliberMind, Click on the Original Tab when You First Opened the Insights App

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