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Use Cases for Funnels

Use Cases for Funnels

We have written the following use cases from the perspective of the user type. An explanation of the type of information is provided, as well as a dashboard from where you can easily obtain that information.

Role: Fulfilling the Board's Requests & CMO's

Dashboard: Funnels Home Page
Type: High-Level Overview

In order to make a decision and take action, you need to have accurate marketing reports. You want to track the metrics that matter: MQLs, Marketing Sourced Opportunities, Marketing Pipeline, and Marketing Revenue by each quarter. You will find this information on the Funnels Homepage.

CaliberMind Funnels HomePage
  1. All leads in Active Journeys by Stage (Stages 2-5)
  2. All Leads Hitting Stages in the Last 5 Quarters (Stages 2-6)

Role: Marketing Tacticians & Operations Requests

Dashboard: Cohort Analysis
Type: Cohort Analysis

Behavioral analytics uses cohort analysis to group data from a given subset, such as a SaaS company, game, or e-commerce platform, into related groups rather than analyzing it individually. Cohorts refer to these groupings. In terms of size and time, they are similar.

The CaliberMind Cohort Analysis feature is used by companies to analyze customer behavior throughout the customer's life cycle. A business may have difficulty understanding the life cycle of each customer without cohort analysis. In order to tailor products and services to the identified cohorts, use cohort analysis to understand trends and patterns in their customers over time.

CaliberMind Funnel Cohort
  1. Date Filter
  2. Metric Selection
  3. Cohort Selection
  4. Cohort Date Range by Quarter
  5. Stages by Quarter
  6. Stages by Metrics
  7. Date Aggregation

Role: Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, Marketing Directors

Dashboard: Trend Analysis
Type: Pipeline

Staying on top of what's happening in the pipeline at every stage of the journey is the concern of Sales and Marketing executives and directors. To ensure up-to-date information refer to the Trend Analysis dashboard. Tracking your sales pipeline trend is essential because, all other things being equal, flat funnel growth prevents you from increasing sales. It's even worse if it's heading downhill. In other words, managers need to understand how their sales pipeline is trending over time.

CaliberMind Trends Dashboard
  1. Date Filter
  2. Trend Type Tab selector
  3. Funnel Stage selector
  4. Year over Year comparison

Role: Director Level and Up

Dashboard: Data Explore
Type: Account-Based Funnel Insights

Our Data Explore funnel allows you to leave your system configured exactly as it is today – optimized for people engaging with your brand and flagging them to sales – while providing you with account-based funnel insights your business needs to predict gaps in pipeline and bookings or identify friction points in the buyer journey.

With CaliberMind's Data Explore you have the capability to drill down to the account level at any stage right through to Events by Job Title and Touches in Stage by Campaign Type.

CaliberMind Data Explorer
  1. Data Explore - Pipeline
  2. Journeys - drill down
  3. Monthly Events by Job Title
  4. Touches in Stage by Campaign Type

Role: Marketing Tacticians

Dashboard: Data Explore Dashboard
Type: Lead Source Performance

To determine which lead source is performing best scroll down as you drill in to see the Lead Source in the stacked column and table.

CaliberMind Lead Source
  1. Drill down from the Data Explore Stage table to the Touches in Stage by Campaign Type
  2. Interactive Key below Chart
  3. Campaign Type column in table

Velocity - Average Days in Stage

Marketing velocity refers to how quickly measurable results are generated by marketing efforts. Velocity measures how quickly deals move through your pipeline and generate revenue. To determine sales velocity within the CaliberMind Funnels Application you would create reports within the Data Explore dashboard by performing the following filters.

CaliberMind Funnels Explore Dashboard
  1. Row Selection - Stage Name
  2. Column Selection - Opportunity Status
  3. Metric Selection - Avg. Days in Stage
  4. Results table detailing all results of Avg. Days in Stage

Role: Operations

Dashboard: Trend Analysis
Type: Conversion Rates & Alignment Across Departments

Conversion Rates: Whether a funnel is brand new or has been part of the business for a while, if conversion rates have everyone scratching their heads, it’s time to dig into the current funnel stages and identify where the wheels may be falling off. There may be a lack of agreement between teams on lead or stage definitions, or perhaps automated flags aren’t triggering correctly.

Alignment: When B2B business benchmarks for funnel conversion rates aren’t reaching or exceeding industry averages, it might be a people problem, but it’s more likely to be an issue of poor alignment either on process or definition across sales and marketing that can be seen in the funnel.

The Conversion Rates report on the Trends Analysis Dashboard provides an 'at glance' view of conversion rates by funnel stage.

CaliberMind Conversion Rates
  1. Date Filter
  2. Conversion Rate tab selector
  3. Funnel Stage selector
  4. Year over Year comparison

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