Data Integrity Reports Summary

Data Integrity Reports Summary

CaliberMind can help you operationalize key data cleansing and monitoring processes. Duplication rates, field normalization, field completeness (whitespace) are all standard functionality as part of the standard reporting suite.


Shows data health, duplication, and growth of your account database.

CaliberMind Accounts Data Integrity Report


Shows data health, duplication, and growth of your contact database.

CaliberMind Contacts Data Integrity Report


Shows data health, duplication, and conversion rate of your lead database.

CaliberMind Leads Database Data Integrity Report

Field Detail

Shows the uniqueness and composition of a field in your data warehouse. Any data table and field combination can be used, for example, you may wish to look at "Industry" on the "Account" object in Salesforce.

  • Custom URL Example: [this example examines the "title" field on the "contact" object in Salesforce]
CaliberMind Field Detail Data Integrity Report

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