Running a Sales/Pipeline Review with CaliberMind

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There are a number of questions that are always asked during a sales review. "Who are you talking with at the account?", "When was that last meaningful engagement", "Do you have all the right stake-holders involved?", "Have you had contact with the decision maker", etc...

Most of these questions all revolve around engagement. What if you could pull up a report and see the answers to many of these questions, and drill right down to the accounts that need focus? That is exactly what the Engagement Report and Buyer Journey tool are designed to do. What is different is that the CaliberMind report will show you the activity managed by the Sales team, and the engagement happening through other channels (like Ads, Web-site visits, Content Downloads, Email Clicks, etc.).

So to run a Sales Review with CaliberMind you need to have two things setup. First is a scoring model that takes into account the Sales activities. For instance the model should score things like phone calls, inbound emails from the customers, face to face meetings, event attendance and webinars. The second is creating lists of accounts that are specific to the sales review. These lists may be for a specific sales team member, for a sales team, for a region or even based on high risk accounts or critical accounts. Depending on the business and the type of meeting any different lists can be built.

Once you have your scoring model and your lists it is very easy to look at what is going on and run a sales review.

  1. Bring up the Specified List in the CaliberMind Surging Report - As you can see in the sample below the Surging report from CaliberMind allows you to bring up a list of accounts, and see the total engagement across all stakeholders in the account. In this sample we are just looking at All Open Opportunities, this could also be a list of open opportunities for a specific sales team or individual. The key values to look at are:
    Last Engagement - Last time a scored event occurred
    Score - Total score of all engagement for the account
    Change Week - How much the score has changed since last week
    Related Score - Score for any leads NOT yet associated with the account
    Engaged Contacts - Total number of people at the account that have some level of engagement
    CaliberMind Surging Engagement Report
  2. Look for key accounts that don't have recent engagement, don't have enough engaged individuals, or show some level of risk - Looking at the example above we may drill into the account WorkWave, because their WoW score is down, or Evolent Health, since they have a high score but only a single engaged individual.
  3. Drill into the account so you can answer key sales questions.
    1. Which individuals are involved in the sale? With the CaliberMind Buyers Journey you can see all of the contacts and what engagement they have with your organization. The makes it very easy, in a single glance, to understand if you are engaged with the enough of the right people in the account.
      CaliberMind Buyer's Journey
    2. Do you have the right titles engaged and what type of content has the customer been engaging with? In the Buyers Journey you can also see how the engagement breaks down at the Department, Seniority and by Event Type. Are you engaged at the executive level? Are people in the right department? Are they engaged mostly with your web-site, with sales calls or with emails? One simple view gets you all that information.
      CaliberMind Buyer's Journey
    3. When was the last key sales engagement? Using the event timeline you can see the specific activities that each individual took with your organization. Did they just download a piece of content or did they have a meeting with Sales? When was the last time they had contact with your sales team, and who was it with?
      CaliberMind Event Timeline Screen
  4. From there determine the action plan on moving the customer closer to closed-won. This information should give you and your team the insights into how to proceed and best advance this opportunity.

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