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Setting Your Saved Filters for In-App Reporting

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Why do you want to save your filters?

Because there are other members on your team who use CaliberMind, each user may have specific or different needs from the reports. With that in mind, CaliberMind has a search filter setting to use where you can easily configure filters based on your use case for your reporting needs. You can save these for yourself or your organization as a public filter anyone (authorized in the platform) can access. You also have the ability to make one of these Saved Filters as your default view when accessing your dashboard for at ease visibility!

  1. From the Home Page, select the object and enter what you would like to search.

From the CaliberMind Home Page, Select the Object and Input What You Want to Search
  1. Select the item you would like to Search.

Select the CaliberMind Item You Want to Search
  1. Open the Filter icon drawer from any report tab (People, Attribution, Engagement, etc.) selected.
Open the CaliberMind Filter Icon from Any Report Tab Selected
  1. At the top of the filter drawer, you can view any previously Saved Filters.
  1. To see the options available to your user you will click the new Action icon:
  1. When finished with your desired filters, click the Save to Save Your Filter.
  1. All users will be able to create a new Saved Filter Set. The user will indicate the following:
    1. Name - This is required to be unique within your organization
    2. Public - Check this filter if you want this to be available for everyone within your organization
    3. Private - Check this filter if you want this page to only be available to your user
    4. Set as my default? - Check this setting if you want this page to load for you and your users each time you start a new search report
Check the CaliberMind Set as My Default Setting to Load This Page for Yond Your Users Each Time You Launch a New Search Report

Now you’ll be able to select this filter anytime you interact with this report to quickly apply your filters!

  1. To apply a filter set now, select the Saved Filter name from the dropdown and click the Apply button.

Deleting Your Saved Filter

  1. To delete a saved filter, select the saved filter desired, and click Delete.
  1. You'll get a confirmation prompt to Confirm if this is the correct filter you'd like to delete.
A CaliberMind Confirmation Prompt Will Appear

Account User Permissions (Standard vs. Admin)

Standard Users can:

  • Edit their own Private Saved Filter Sets

Admin Users can:

  • Edit both Private and Public Saved Filter Sets
  • Delete Public Saved Filter Sets
When an Admin user edits the existing filter settings for a Public Saved Filter, the Private Default filter sets that the system has created will not automatically update.

In the above Noted situation for an Admin user, we recommend two (2) options:

  1. Delete the original Saved Filter Set and create a new one with the desired settings. Edit that new Public Saved Filter Set and set it as your default.
  2. Update the existing Public Saved Filter Set and communicate to your Admin Users to update their Private Saved Filter Set with the same change.

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