Add BigQuery Users within CaliberMind

Add Users to BigQuery within CaliberMind

Google's BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse. It is a scalable, enterprise data solution that provides companies with a cloud data warehouse to store and query their data. BigQuery is a great tool for analysts and business intelligence professionals to do detailed queries and procedures.

If your users utilize a BI Platform such as Tableau or Power BI, they can query data sources in BigQuery datasets at the Project level.

The following steps will guide you through adding a new BigQuery user within the CaliberMind app:

  1. Navigate to the Cog on the top right of the CaliberMind header.
    Navigate to the CaliberMind Settings Cog
  2. Click the Cog and the Admin Home page will appear.
    CaliberMind Admin Home Page
  3. On the Admin Home Page, click the arrow to expand the Account menu. Select the link for Data Warehouse Access
    On the CaliberMind Admin Home Page, Select the Data Warehouse Access Option
  4. The data warehouse Access user list appears in the middle of the screen
    CaliberMind Data Warehouse Access List
  5. Click in the left drop-down list and select a user within the system.
    Click on the Dropdown List to Select a CaliberMind User
If the new user does not appear in the drop-down list do the following:
  1. Enter a valid 'Gmail' account in the 'Enter an Email' dialog box and click the blue 'Add User' button.
    Input a Valid GMail Account and then Click on the CaliberMind Add User Button

    Error Message
CaliberMind Error Message

 In this scenario, the user they’re attempting to add has two options:

Finally, notify any user that has been added to BigQuery.

  1. Copy the URL found in the green box at the top of the screen.
    Copy the URL in the CaliberMind Green Box at the Top of the Screen
  2. Send this URL to the new user.

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