Creating a List from a Salesforce Campaign

A common use-case for CaliberMind Lists is to see all of the Accounts associated with any members of a campaign. It's very easy to create this list and then deploy it as an optional filter for many of the current reports.

To create this list we are going ot go into the Accounts section under the List builder of CaliberMind. To do so, navigate into the List builder, select the Accounts tab, and then select Create new.

Name your list and hit OK.

At this point you are ready to create a new list using CaliberMind that specifically shows Accounts that are associated with a campaign in Salesforce.

The core object we are going to use to do this is the cm_event list. This is a CaliberMind default list automatically created by the platform. There is a lot of great information in cm_event. The field we are interested in is event_name. This field shows all events, including any associated with campaigns.

To create a list of all accounts with any members that have any activity select cm_event, then select event_name in the filter list. From there type in the name of the campaign in the values section. Once you have the right campaign select it. Now hit Test to make sure there are some results. Note that you may get more rows than you expect as the number shows is total number of members in those accounts.

Select Save and the list is ready to use.

To see this new list in action you can bring up a report like the ABM Engagement report and select it the List. This will filter the report to show just the accounts on the list.

That's it, you now have a new list that shows just accounts who have members in a specific campaign and can use that to filter any report in CaliberMind.

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