Appending Tags to Lists

Why append tags to lists?

  • Your BI Professional has created a CSV of target accounts that you would like to use to filter reports.
  • You have a SQL query written by your Business Analyst to gather all partner campaigns and you would like to see how they are performing.
  • Your CRO wants to see only Prospects with new Opportunities created in-month and their related touch points.

To see your lists in CaliberMind click on the lists tab.

Select View All under LISTS and select the one you want to work with.

The list will show a preview tab, metadata tab, and sql tab.

If the list has been imported it will not show the SQL because there is none.

CaliberMind List Preview, Metadata & SQL tabs

Imported lists can be referenced in SQL in other lists like 

FROM lists.testing12

To add a tag click on the Metadata tab and under the Metadata section in the middle click on the blue plus sign next to Tags.

Adding a tag click on the CaliberMind Metadata tab

It will allow you to add a new tag either Account or Campaign from the drop down.

To tag directly as account lists, you'll need a column header called "company_id" (dp_cmat)

In your list table you will see a Labels column that will denote whether the tag is Campaign or Account.

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