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List Builder - Start Here!

List Builder - Start Here

Lists are a grouping of companies, campaigns, people, or other records that are identified using logic. For example, we can pull a list of companies that are in a certain region or a list of people with a specific title. Within lists, there are different settings you can toggle off and on or select to change the type of list you are building.

Below is a collection of all the Knowledge Base documents detailing using and creating lists.

  1. What are Lists?
  2. Creating a List Step-by-Step
  3. Use Case Videos - Creating Company, Campaign, and Person Lists Using the List Builder
  4. Importing a List
  5. Downloading a List Step-by-Step
  6. Creating an Account List from a Campaign
  7. Account List Upload File Requirements
  8. Creating Company Lists in List Builder
  9. People list Upload File Requirements
  10. Campaign List Upload File Requirement
  11. Creating Company Lists using SQL
  12. How to create a list of all Opportunities with low Engagement
  13. Keyboard Shortcuts using SQL
  14. Where is my Segments Menu?

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Creating Company Lists using SQL

Creating Company Lists in List Builder