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How do I know the last event that happened before a journey stage change?

What happened just before my stage change?

The Funnels Trigger Events dashboard is meant to highlight the campaign and event types that trigger stage conversions, but how your funnel is configured makes or breaks the utility of this dashboard. We'll cover configuration best practices and workarounds for the stages that don't have a workaround for using datestamps in your CRM as the benchmark.

What is a "Trigger"?

A trigger event is the event that happens immediately before a stage update in the buyer journey. This can either be a record update in your CRM, like an opportunity stage change, or based on specific signals captured in CaliberMind, like a campaign response or "hand raise" action. This answers the question, "What's the most common event to happen immediately before a stage change?"

To get the most out of your CaliberMind funnel reports, we HIGHLY recommend mirroring the logic you use in your marketing automation platform to trigger lifecycle updates in your CRM instead of the stage stamp in your CRM. For example, instead of using the Marketing Qualified Date field on the lead and contact object for a Marketing Qualified stage, we would instead use the logic your marketing automation platform uses to trigger an update in your CRM. This may be a combination of a campaign response and a demographic or firmographic score threshold.

If your team uses stage stamps in your CRM to signify a stage change, your trigger reports will always show 100% of your Trigger Events listed as an Event History item or OppStage update:

opp stage trigger events for opportunity stage update

If your team uses logic involving brand interactions and other thresholds, you'll see which activities are triggering the stage change:

automatically qualified trigger using logic

When does it make sense to use a CRM field stamp for a stage change instead of activity logic?

Sometimes the only option to denote a stage update is a CRM field change. For example, there aren't many proxies for a salesperson to decide which opportunity stage best applies for a specific deal. When these stage stamps are used, we must avoid the Funnel Trigger Event dashboard and rely more heavily on our Funnel Pressure Events dashboard to understand what most commonly happens with a stage change.

Using the Trigger Events Dashboard to see the last activity

  1. Navigate to the Funnels Trigger Events dashboard in Insights:
trigger dashboard select open
  1. Select the stage (1) and date range (2) you would like to analyze:
trigger stage and date range select
  1. Click on the Campaign, Campaign Type, or Event Type tabs (1) to view which activities are most commonly triggering a stage change for the selected stage:
tab selection trigger report
If you only see OppStage or Field Event History event types, you'll need to consider updating the logic in your funnel configuration or use the Funnel Pressure Event dashboard.

Using the Pressure Events Dashboard to see the most successful activities

  1. Navigate to the Funnels Pressure Events dashboard in Insights:
how to open pressure event dashboard
  1. Select your date range (1), start stage (2), and end stage (3):
pressure events stage selection
Don't forget to hit the green "Apply" button for each selection you make where applicable.
We recommend only going to the very next stage in the funnel from your start stage to get a better understanding of which specific activities are the most efficient at moving accounts from your start stage to the next stage.
  1. View the Campaign (1) or Campaign Type (2) tables to see which activities have the highest Odds of Success:
View CaliberMind Campaign/Campaign Type Tables to Determine which Activities Have the Highest Odds of Success

In this example, it appears that the Drift bot on our website is the most effective means of prospects signalling they're ready to engage with sales (or become a "Qualified Account").

For more on what each field and component means in the Pressure Dashboard, go here.

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