Budget for ROI Channel Reporting

Top Down ROI is a new concept in CaliberMind. Along with these new ROI dashboards, CaliberMind has created a Channel Budget input feature. This allows customers to input cost data for various channels. This is a free form entry that allows users to input whatever cost they want for each channel, giving users flexibility and control of budgeting scenarios.

In the past Cost data in CaliberMind was limited to what could be pulled in from existing datasets. This meant cost data was limited to campaigns pulled from CRMs and from ad platforms such as Google and Linkedin. By allowing users to input costs as they choose, they account for channels where cost data doesn’t exist (ex the cost of an annual subscription to Marketo) and if desired include management costs (ex employee salaries).

  1. From any page in the CaliberMind Application click the Cog icon
  2. Under the Attribution section of Settings you’ll see the Budgets page link
  3. To manually enter Channel Cost click the button in the upper right corner of the page
  4. This is the Budget Entry modal
  5. This is what your Budget listing will look like after data has been entered
  6. An alternative approach to budget data entry is to use a List, see the image for template requirements

List-Based Budgets

  1. User creates a list within the app.
  2. If “Use List” is toggled off, toggle it on.
  3. User selects a list to use for budgets.
    1. The list must be verified to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for a budget list (column names, data types, etc).
    2. Once a selected list is verified, the Save button becomes enabled.
    3. The requirements for the list are on the screen to the right.
  4. Click Save to save the verified list.
    1. Note: A nightly flow runs to update BQ
      1. When the flow runs, if the budget is config-based, nothing happens.

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