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Funnel Static Event Configuration

Funnel Static Event Configuration

The intent of this tutorial is to aid the user in understanding the purpose and meaning of the funnel static configuration and the functionality of the drop-down menus, toggle buttons, and other options within the configuration screen. All examples are easily implemented within your business's Salesforce instance. Unlock the power of CaliberMind's Funnel Application using custom company inclusion configuration tools for each funnel. Before getting started, keep in mind that the fields, events, and triggers shown in the following examples are unique to the CaliberMind SalesForce instance.
It is highly recommended if custom funnel development is required that your organization reach out to your Customer Success representative for further assistance.

The static variable defined in a trigger doesn't retain its value between different trigger contexts within the same transactions. This trigger is only initialized once and based upon a date/time stamp within your organization's Salesforce instance. The CaliberMind Static Funnel Event uses the date and timestamp fields within static Salesforce objects to register to the funnels application. To create a custom static event for funnels follow the steps below:

Create a custom static funnel event [Interactive Instructions]

Create a custom static funnel event [Downloadable Instructions]

Download Instructions

Using the custom funnel static event

  1. Create a custom funnel event. In this example, we created a static funnel event labeled "Marketing Qualified Date Stamp."
  2. Go to the Funnels dropdown on the left-hand menu rail.
CaliberMind Funnel Menu
  1. Select which funnel you want to modify from the list.
  2. Under "Rules" add or modify the desired stage. In this example, we have added an additional rule within a stage to trigger the "Marketing Qualified Date Stamp" during a funnel event.
CaliberMind Funnels
  1. Once you have made all appropriate selections click the blue "SAVE STAGE" button.
    Funnel Event Save Stage button

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