CaliberMind Data Export to Google Cloud Storage

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Why Export CaliberMind Data?

CaliberMind is a centralized database and workflow engine for your enterprise business, which we do all the heavy lifting of exporting data from your tools like Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Sheets into one place. We then used this data to create multiple insightful dashboards empowering you to break down data silos and execute on things key initiatives for your company.

On top of that, CaliberMind also offers you the ability to export this consolidated meaningful data out of CM system. This would allow you to:

  • Analyze the data from your own data warehouse, like Snowflake, SQL, etc.
  • Use it in conjunction with your internal data
  • Build dashboards from your own BI using CaliberMind data

How BigQuery Export Service Works?

  1. In Google Cloud Storage, CaliberMind will create a bucket that is dedicated for BigQuery export files
    In Google Cloud Storage, CaliberMind Creates a Bucket Dedicated to BigQuery Export Files
  2. Inside the bucket, there would be separate folders for all tables/data that will be exported. For example, attribution or engagement scoring data
    Inside the CaliberMind Bucket, There are Separate Folders for All Tables/Data to Be Exported
  3. Inside each data folder, CaliberMind will unload your data from the corresponding table into small GZIP csv files. Each night, the files will get overwritten with fresh data. The files will contain column headers and may vary if you have custom columns, but here's the columns contained in our standard schema.
    Inside Each Data Folder, CaliberMind Will Unload your Data from the Corresponding Table into Small GZIP csv Files
  4. These are now ready to be picked up by your ETL service and loaded into your warehouse.

**To enable this feature please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more information.

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