Create an Account List Filter from a File Upload

Account lists can be generated from file uploads that you can export from your systems into CaliberMind to quickly filter your reports by groupings of accounts.

Here is an overview on general use cases for account lists. Generating account lists from file uploads can be incredibly useful when the account criteria you wish to filter on is not readily available within CaliberMind (i.e. 'Top 100 Strategic Accounts').

Column requirements for the 'Account List' filter (does not need to be named exactly, but has to be the equivalent):

  1. Website

  2. Account ID

Creating an Account List filter from a file upload can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the List Builder in the left-hand menu

  2. Select Create List on the right-hand side and choose Import CSV/TST (file must be in csv/tst format)

  3. Click Browse to choose the file you wish to upload

  4. You can rename the file name to a more familiar name under Segment name (i.e. test -> main account list) or leave as-is and click Ok
  5. After your file is imported and shows up as Healthy under the Status column, click into your file

  6. Select Create List to generate your Account List filter from your newly uploaded file and choose Dynamic List
  7. Name your list to something familiar as this will be what shows up in the filter options
 for your reports
  8. Under the Select Table drop-down, type in the file name you just uploaded

  9. To ensure accounts uploaded exist within CaliberMind, join onto your main account table from your CRM (i.e. 'Salesforce Account') by clicking + JOIN onto the file selected in step 8
  10. Choose INNER JOIN in the drop-down, select the account table from your CRM under Join Table, and either the account id or website equivalents for Join On * and Select *
  11. Select the field you wish to pull in that represents either the WEBSITE or Account ID (from the account table within your CRM you just joined on) under Select or Type and click SAVE at the top right

  12. Select Publish and click OK
  13. Once you see the status updated to Healthy (may need to refresh the page), click back into your list

  14. Click on Data Builder at the top-right

  15. Select the + sign under Editor
  16. Under List Tags, choose Account, choose your Key Type (either Company ID or Website) and select the Key Field that maps to your selected Key Type
  17. Click OK and then click Save at the top right
  18. All done! You have just created an Account list filter from an uploaded file (please note: it may take a few minutes to show up as an option to filter on)

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