New to CaliberMind? Let's get you started!

New to CaliberMind? Let's get you started!

The Knowledge Base has everything you need to get started and become a master of your marketing, sales, and success data.

What is CaliberMind?

CaliberMind is a centralized database and workflow engine for your enterprise business, allowing savvy marketers to unlock revenue and better customer experiences. We do all the heavy lifting of exporting data from your tools like Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Sheets into one place-- empowering you to break down data silos and execute on things key initiatives for your company like: Account-based Marketing (ABM), Attribution (marketing measurement), and Data Governance (deduplication, enriching, GDPR, etc.)

Why use the platform?

There are over 5000 Marketing Technology Point tools on the market today!! These tools are expensive and often under-utilized. As your company grows and collects more data, it's imperative that today's marketers have scalable strategies in place to maintain, respect, and utilize their data. Not doing so can leave millions of dollars on the table and eventually could block your team from hitting your revenue goals.

Who uses us?

  • Marketing Leaders... for reporting
  • Demand Generation Teams... to centralize revenue-generating processes
  • Marketing Operations... to streamline and automate mission-critical workflows such as lead routing and account scoring
  • BI Teams / Analysts... many top analysts waste over 50% of their time wrangling and standardizing data; we do that for them to double their productivity
  • Named-Account Sales Teams... plan their Account-Based Sales (ABS) strategies using data in CaliberMind or pushed from CaliberMind into their Sales and Reporting tools.

Great! What now?

If you have a CaliberMind account, follow these instructions to log in. If not, talk to our sales team to set up a demo!

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