People Lists

People lists allow the segmenting of your database into key personas, groups and audiences.

Here are some common examples of People Lists that CM users may wish to create:

  • Marketing Executives (based on normalized title data)
  • Customer User Lists -- pull lists of people logging into your SaaS product.
  • Engagement Lists, which emails are the MOST engaged in your database.
  • Enrichment lists of emails that have missing or outdated contact information (to send to an API).
  • Event attendee lists
  • Global Opt-Out and GDPR compliance lists.

The People List builder is found in LISTS >> PEOPLE. Lists can be created in 3 steps:

  1. From the PEOPLE LIST dropdown, select CREATE NEW LIST.
  2. Choose the signals you wish to use as a filter (we handle all the data matching across disparate tables in your database).
  3. Save your list. That's it! Your list is not accessible elsewhere in the app (such as ABM reports).

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