Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A)

When systems like Salesforce and Marketo were designed, the B2B world thought in 2 camps of people - Leads and Contacts. These systems were not built to properly manage the concept of "People" and "Companies" out of the box.

CaliberMind allows you to automatically manage this discrepancy. Since all data is just... DATA to CaliberMind, this is just a matter of using a LIST TEMPLATE.

CaliberMind List template

Great! ...But am I ready for this?

There are many considerations when considering to roll out L2A. Here are some of the most often overlooked:

  • If I convert leads to contacts, does my SDR team have a way to manage the "Contact Status" of these individuals? [Hint: Copy some of your key lead status values when creating a contact status field]
  • Is my reporting ready? Can we track velocity and conversion rates?
  • Is my MAP tool ready? Does your Marketing Automation system treat leads and contacts differently?
  • Do I have ownership rules worked out? When do I wish to change the owner of each record (Contact, Account, Opportunity).
  • Do I have a plan to manage lead, contact, and account routing?
  • Do I have a way to deduplicate unneeded Accounts? If not, do a I have a way to handle "Tie Breakers" for routing? (e.g. If there are 10 duplicate accounts, which one gets the lead).

That's Scary. But I still want to do ABM...

If your organization is NOT READY for L2A, that's NOT A PROBLEM. There's alternate strategies, such as Account to Lead (A2L), which you can implement until you're ready!

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