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Segment Connector [via FiveTran]

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Segment Implementation

Follow the setup instructions for your Segment implementation.


To connect Segment to CaliberMind, you need:

  1. Segment account
  2. Segment trackers installed on your website or app

Webhooks Setup Guide

STEP 1 - Find Fivetran Webhook URL

  1. Go to SETTINGS > Create new PULL connector
    Adding Segment connector to CaliberMind
  2. Select Webhook to connect through sending Segment's webhooks to Fivetran.
  3. Find the automatically-generated Webhook URL and make a note of it. You will need it to configure Segment to connect with Fivetran.

STEP 2 - Find Network Code

  1. Log in to your Segment account.
  2. Copy the Webhook URL you found in Step 1 into the settings page in your Segment account titled Webhook URLs.
  3. Hit the Save Changes button.
Finding Segment Network Code for CaliberMind integration

STEP 3 - Finish Fivetran configuration

Click Save & Test. Fivetran will load events into your destination

IMPORTANT: It takes us around 10 to 15 minutes to load the first event into your destination.

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