Campaign Membership Dashboard

Campaign Membership Listing Dashboard

Campaigns are planned and coordinated efforts to raise awareness about a new product or capture customer feedback. Campaigns are actions designed to generate results in the short, medium, or long term. As a result, they provide a reliable way to measure company efforts so that the return is profitable.

CaliberMind allows you to view, filter, and sort all of your campaign lists via the Campaign Membership Dashboard.

To view and filter Campaign Membership listings

  1. Navigate to the Admin area by clicking the cog in the top right corner.
CaliberMind Settings Cog
  1. A) Click the Campaign menu on the left navigation bar. The Campaign menu will appear. B) Select Campaign Membership from the menu. C)The Campaign Membership Listing will appear.
CaliberMind Campaign Membership Dashboard

Alternatively, you may also click on the A) Campaign menu and select the B) Campaign Membership link from the right side of the screen.

CaliberMind Campaign Membership Link
  1. The Campaign Membership Listing is a VIEW ONLY listing. It shows all of your current campaigns and their associated programs.
The Program Logic page will be where you can adjust the logic to roll up Campaigns to Programs. From this listing you can use the standard Search and Filter options.
  1. To apply a filter to the list click on the A) Filter Table dropdown list on the top right of the screen. B) The filter dialog box will appear. Make your desired selections.
CaliberMInd Filter Table

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