How can I manage my BDR/SDR team activities with CaliberMind?

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In a lead driven organization your BDR or SDR teams often spend a lot of time pulling up leads in Salesforce, trying to figure out if they are someone they should reach out too, looking to see if they are already being contacted by sales, converting the lead - and generally spending a lot of time trying to figure out engagement.

Imagine an environment where your BDR's only see contacts that are ready to be contacted, never spend time on leads that are already contacts in Salesforce (and being worked by the sales team), can see the holistic view of the Account not just the Lead or Contact. That is the environment that CaliberMind can enable for your organization.

There are two key capabilities that CaliberMind sets up for your organization. First is Lead to Account (or Account to Lead) matching. This makes sure that all leads are properly assigned to the right accounts within your organization. You can find out more about this here (L2A) or here (A2L).

The second is ABM based engagement scoring. With the right scores in place CaliberMind can be used to tell your BDR team exactly WHEN an account (not just a lead) has engaged enough for them to follow up on. Then CaliberMind can set that information directly into Salesforce so your BDR team is alerted to exactly when follow up.

A typical flow may be:

  1. An individual at a target account visits your website and downloads a piece of content. Based on their title and the content their engagement level goes up moderately. That person forwards on some information to his VP, who also visits your site, the score goes up some more. Finally another member of the team hits your site and signs up for a Webinar - the score for the account now passes a threshold you have determined as enough for your BDR team to take notice.
  2. CaliberMind, which has been scoring the account continuously notices that the account is above the threshold and changes the status of the account in Salesforce to Marketing Qualified Account. Essential, ready for the BDR team to notice and take a look.
  3. The BDR team, looking at their SalesForce Account View sees the new Account and checks it out. They drop into the Buyer Journey and see that there are two managers and a VP engaged already. They can see which content they engaged with, if they responded to any Ads, and prepare a focused direct outreach.
  4. The BDR team decides to follow up on the Account and changes it's status to Sales Accepted.
    Note that in this flow the BDR's never had to look at specific leads, convert leads to Contacts, try to figure out if the account was properly engaged, or even try to understand who at the account is ready to be contacted.

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