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One of the many benefits of a Customer Data platform is that it can replace many cumbersome processes and point tools in the marketing and sales stack. A popular use case is using a CDP as a way to enforce and regulate data integrity. The Merge Records in Salesforce workflow allow any 2 records to be consolidated. Having a deduplicated database is a critical step in accurate reporting and efficient processes.


[To enable this workflow, please make sure that the Salesforce connection has the profile permissions to modify all data].

When the workflow runs, each record labeled as a "winner" will persist as the primary record. Child objects (for example an account has opportunities and contacts), get moved over and "reparented" when a merge happens. Additionally, data points from the losing record are migrated to the winning record when the winner is missing data. For example:

Account 1 (loser)

Name - SkyNet HQ

Website -

industry - Advanced Robotics

  • Contacts - Sara Connor, Kyle Reece
  • Opportunities - Terminator 1

Account 2 (winner)

Name - SkyNet

Website -

Industry - (missing)

  • Contacts - John Connor, Miles Dyson
  • Opportunities - Terminator 2

Final Merged Account

Name - SkyNet

Website -

Industry - Advanced Robotics

  • Contacts - John Connor, Miles Dyson, Sara Connor, Kyle Reece
  • Opportunities - Terminator 2, Terminator 1


  1. Create a list in CaliberMind with the three fields:


Used for testing to validate the matching is working.


The Account ID (or any Salesforce ID) to be merged into a winning record.


The Account ID (or any Salesforce ID) to receive partial data from a losing record.

Creating a list in CaliberMind

  1. Create a quick flow or scheduled flow
Creating a quick flow/scheduled flow in CaliberMind

  1. Make sure your list with winners and losers is selected.
  2. Set a schedule and/or limit (optional)
  3. Launch flow!

TIP -- For account merging, use this flow in coordination with a workflow that standardizes and fixes websites. If all accounts have websites, the matching and deduplication will be more precise and complete.

That's it! Now you've operationalized a process to maintain a clean list of deduplicated, unique records for better reporting and more efficient processes.

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