Setting up your HubSpot connector in CaliberMind only takes a few clicks!

  1. Go to Settings >> Integrations >> Add New Connector

  1. Give your HubSpot connector a name and click "Authorize". Please make sure when connecting that all the below API permissions are available. You should have:
  • Users and Accounts
  • Reports
  • Business Intelligence API
  • Contacts
  • Content
  • Forms

(If you're missing one please check the permissions of the user creating the sync and also the version of HubSpot you're using)

  1. Log into HubSpot to verify the connector was approved.
  2. HubSpot system tables such as hs_companies and hs_deals will begin to show in CaliberMind within 1-2 hrs as your system view gets updated. Data will be refreshed hourly.

The CaliberMind integration will sync the following tables:

  • hs_events
  • hs_deals
  • hs_contacts
  • hs_campaigns
  • hs_engagements
  • hs_lists
  • hs_companies
  • hs_deal_pipelines_stages
  • hs_lists_filters
  • hs_timeline_changes
  • hs_keywords
  • hs_deals_associations_associatedcompanyids
  • hs_deals_associations_associatedvids
  • hs_owners
  • hs_social
  • hs_deal_pipelines
  • hs_form_form_submissions

That's it! Reports and system views will be set up automatically.

To get more information on how CaliberMind data is mapped to HubSpot, refer to the following spreadsheet:

CaliberMind To HubSpot Mapping

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