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Funnel Trigger Events Dashboard

CaliberMind Funnel Events Trigger Dashboard

The CaliberMind Funnel Trigger Dashboard connects directly to CRM data. The fields shown may be named differently within each unique system. The field names are easily changed and mapped to your current CRM Instance.

What is a trigger event?

CaliberMind What is a trigger event?

A trigger event is the event that immediately causes a prospect to move to the next stage within the sales journey. If a prospect is in stage two, something happens (or some event is "served" to the prospect) that causes the prospect to advance to the next stage - stage three.

The Funnel Trigger Event Dashboard - Purpose

This Funnel Trigger Dashboard displays what people are engaging with at each stage of the funnel. A funnel trigger dashboard report details the top campaigns and tactics that marketers can use to keep prospects moving through the marketing funnel. This is done by serving engaging content that helps push prospects forward.

The Funnel Trigger Event Dashboard - Assumptions

The Funnel Trigger dashboard assumes the following:

Your business is using the following standard CRM objects
Campaign Manager
Marketing automation platform integration
Marketing automation platform integration with your CRM and campaign member responses are being managed by your marketing team (for best practices, watch this recorded class)
You have cohort identifiers within your system
User data must be grouped into different "buckets," such as date of joining, date of first purchase, date of demo, purchase year, and all applications purchased at a particular time.
Establihed time of lifecycle stages
In order to calculate lifecycle stages, users are divided into cohorts and the time between events attributed to each cohort is measured in order to calculate lifecycle stages.

Funnel Trigger Event Dashboard - Description

CaliberMind Funnel Trigger Dashboard
CaliberMind Funnel Date Range Picker - Select date ranges interactively
CaliberMind Funnel Navigation Dropdown List - Navigate to other dashboards quickly via the dropdown list
CaliberMind Funnel Trigger Metrics Selection Button - Interactive buttons of all available metric options
CaliberMind Funnel Funnel Selection Drop-down list - Select the desired funnel
CaliberMind Funnel Interactive Stacked Chart - Visualization of the cohorts behavior over time
CaliberMind Funnel Funnel Stage Drop-down list  - Interactive drop-down list of all available stage options
CaliberMind Funnel Date Aggregation - Drop-down list of date ranges: Quarter, month, week, day aggregation buttons
CaliberMind Funnel Additional Filters  - Additional filters available for visualization
CaliberMind FunnelInteractive Key - Highlightable color-coded key
CaliberMind FunnelMetrics Results Table - Dynamic table showing results from chosen metrics

Funnel Trigger Event Dashboard - Use Case Scenario and Analysis

The following use cases have been developed based on the perspective of the user type. An explanation of the type of information is provided, as well as a dashboard from where you can easily obtain that information.

Who Would Use the Funnel Trigger Event Dashboard?

Role: Marketing Executives, Marketing Directors, Marketing Tacticians, and Operations

Funnel Trigger Events Use Case Scenarios
Q: What is the top campaign that people engage with at a stage in the funnel?

CaliberMind Trigger Dashboard
A: Engagement can be seen filtered by campaigns, campaign types, channels, event types, and job level. In this example we have selected the metric "campaign," this year and last year as the "stage start date", and date aggregation by months.
CaliberMind Trigger Analysis
CaliberMind Trigger Analysis

Analysis: In the example below we have pulled a report to show the most successful campaign by month using the 02: Automatically Qualified stage filter is the Account Scoring Guide.

Action: Based upon the stacked chart we see that the scoring guide has consistently proven to be a high producing campaign throughout the previous year as well. The scoring guide is an asset that we want to continue to promote.

Q: How can I help those who are stuck in the funnel move forward? Stuck = prospects are in automatically qualified account stage for an extended period of time and are not setting up meetings with the sales team.
CaliberMind Stuck in the Funnel
A: There are several steps needed to work towards a solution.
CaliberMind Steps to Analysis

CaliberMind Analysis

Analysis: The first step is to determine which leads are stuck in the funnel BEFORE the "set appointment" stage. In our example this is 02: Automatically Qualified Account. When reviewing the Cohort report for the end of the year the analysist notices that there are 97 leads that are in this stage and they need to be pushed on to the next stage so that possible appointments can be scheduled.

Action: The first step of action taken will be to pull a list of all prospects within this stage. To do so is a simple click on the hyperlinked value within the table. When the pop-up window appears the user downloads the list by clicking the vertical ellipses on the right side of the title bar and select Download from the drop-down menu. This list needs to be saved for use in an automated CRM workflow.

CaliberMind Download Menu

Solution: Now, return to the Funnels Trigger Events Dashboard. Ensure you have desired logic settings (i.e. Stage Selection: 02: Automatically Qualified.) In this example we are working with Campaigns. Review the Campaign table at the bottom of the dashboard. You'll notice that the content served within this Stage is listed in hierarchal order. You will now load your list into your CRM. Set up a logical workflow that serves each record the highest rated event that they have not yet received.

Example: Joe Smith attended Webinar: A B2B Marketer's into to Board Reports (Certification). (last on the list) He would now receive the Content: Account Scoring Guide. (top of the list)

Video Demonstration of Solution

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