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Demand Generation Funnel Dashboard

CaliberMind Demand Generation Funnel

The CaliberMind Demand Generation Funnel [upon installation this funnel will be named based upon the organization's quidelines] connects directly to a CRM. The fields shown may be named differently within each unique system. The field names are easily changed and mapped to your current CRM Instance.

Stage Names

01: Is Inbound
02: Automatically Qualified Account
03: Sales Qualified Account 0
04: Sales Accepted Opportunity Pipeline
05: Late Stage Opportunity - Best Case/Commit
06: Customer
Overall, a funnel defines how things move through time by defining a set of rules.

The Demand Generation Funnel - Purpose

The 'Active Journeys by Stage Funnel' represents all prospects that are currently within the funnel to date. This funnel captures major milestones in the typical new customer buyer journey. The Active Journeys by Stage Funnel has 6 stages and by default appears with Stages 02-06. It is meant to capture to-date major team handoffs and customer milestones.

The Demand Generation Funnel - Assumptions

This funnel structure assumes the following:

Your business is using the following standard CRM objects
Campaign Manager
Marketing automation platform integration
Marketing automation platform integration with your CRM and campaign member responses are being managed by your marketing team (for best practices, watch this recorded class)
Opportunities are not created by default
Your team does not create an opportunity upon account creation unless it is a lead conversion (in other words, your company doesn’t create opportunities by default without talking to a prospect and salespeople create opportunities at their discretion)
Recurring revenue element
Your product has a recurring revenue element that eliminates immediate reselling into the same account
Close Won
You define a customer as an account with a Closed Won opportunity
If one of these assumptions does not apply to you, you’ll want to talk to your customer support representative or sales rep and determine how to best configure your custom funnel.

The Demand Generation Funnel - How It Works

The Demand Generation Funnel covers typical stages found in B2B companies with a recurring revenue element. It is also meant to cover team transitions between both marketing and inside sales and inside sales and account executives. 

Don’t have an inside sales team? Simply remove the Sales Qualified Account stage using your configuration screen by clicking on the delete icon.

Once configured, your funnel will look like what CaliberMind recommends as a best practice for Account-Based Funnels capturing the Net New customer journey.

CaliberMind Sales Funnel example

Which Accounts Can Enter This Funnel?

The Demand Generation Funnel does not allow existing customers to enter the funnel. We define this as an account with at least one Closed Won opportunity. 

We do recommend going into Config and modifying the filter rules to allow churned accounts to reenter this funnel. If you use the standard Type field on the Account object to indicate churned accounts or some other indicator, your customer success representative will help you update the Filter settings.

Demand Generation Funnel Dashboard

An overview of current metrics can be found on this dashboard. It consists of six stages and can be found on the Funnels Homepage. It offers instant drill-down options.

CaliberMind Funnels - Demand Generation Dashboard
Demand Generation Dashboard Key
CaliberMind Funnel Data Explore - A data analysis tool that visualizes and analyzes data interactively.
CaliberMind Funnel Cohort Analysis - analyzes how a group of people behaves over time.
CaliberMind Funnel Trend Analysis - Data points over time to identify uptrends, downtrends, and stagnations.
CaliberMind Funnel Funnel Selection - Drop-down list of all created funnels.
CaliberMind Funnel Stage Order - Interactive drop-down list of all funnel stages.
CaliberMind Funnel Active Journeys by Stage funnel - Visual representation of the active leads as they progress through your marketing and sales process.
CaliberMind Funnel Journeys Hitting Stage Last 5 Quarters - Bar chart representing a 5 quarter comparison of total leads by stage.
CaliberMind Funnel Funnel stage title - Color coded funnel stage title.
CaliberMind Funnel Interactive bar chart - Details number of total leads in each stage by yearly quarter.
CaliberMind Funnel Quarterly Key - Bar chart key.

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