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CaliberMind Insights - Using Dashboards

-Before you make any changes to a dashboard duplicate the dashboard first!
-Make modifications to the duplicated dashboard.
-The standard, out-of-the-box dashboards are linked to templates that will overwrite your templates whenever an update is made centrally.


A Dashboard is a collection of one or more widgets that help the user visualize data. Dashboards are meant to provide end-users with a summary or overview before stepping down to explore granular data. On the Analytics page, you can see dashboards that were created and shared with you on the main navigation.

CaliberMind Dashboard Screen

The dashboards are numbered to help users remember to always start at the top (#1). They are made to begin at a high-level view and then drill down into more detailed views as questions arise.

CaliberMind Dashboards Multi-Tier Structure
  1. To open a dashboard, click the title of the dashboard on the left navigation or click the dashboard tile in the middle of your screen. This opens up the dashboard inside the Analytics page.
    To Open a CaliberMind Dashboard, Click on Its Title on the Left Navigation or  Click the Dashboard Tile in the Middle of Your Screen
  2. The properties of the dashboard will appear simultaneously when you rest your mouse pointer on the name of the Dashboard.
    CaliberMind Dashboard Properties Appear Simultaneously when You Rest Your Mouse Pointer on the Dashboard Name

Alternatively, if you have many dashboards, you can search for dashboards by typing the title in the Search field. As you begin typing, any relevant results are displayed.

Use CaliberMind Search Tool if You Have Many Dashboards

To locate a dashboard by name, source, or owner, you can use search operators within the Search field. CaliberMind supports the following operators:

What You Can Search By

Search Operator and Examples

Dashboard name


Example: Name:Sales

Data source


Example: Source:Sample eCommerce

Dashboard Owner


Example: Owner:John

Duplicating a Dashboard

Copying a dashboard (even one that was shared with you) creates a new copy of the dashboard with a different name. This new dashboard is totally separate from the original. You are its owner, meaning that you have full editing rights. How to duplicate a dashboard

  1. Click on the Ellipses to the right of the dashboard's name in the Navigation Pane and select Duplicate.
  2. The new dashboard is added below the copied dashboard in your Navigation Pane with the same name plus a number in the order it was created.
CaliberMind Dashboards Navigation Pane

Drilling down in Dashboards

When you drill down into a widget you get an in-depth view of a selected value within the widget. Dashboards may contain varying components listed below.

Elements in a Chart

  • Right-click on an Element in a widget to drill down into that Element and break it down by another dimension.
Drilling down to a CaliberMind Element
  • To go back up to the previous display level click on the breadcrumbs icon.
Navigating back to the previous CaliberMind Dashboards display level

Data Tables

  • Click on any hyperlinked text within a column to step through the hierarchy of data.
CaliberMind Data Table

Pie Charts

  • Right-click on a slice on a Pie Chart to drill down into that Slice and break it down by another dimension.

CaliberMind Pie Charts
  • Other - when your pie chart has several small slices they are aggregated into a single slice labeled 'Other.' You can click the 'Other' slice in order to display a 2nd pie chart containing a breakdown of the other Elements included in the 'Other' slice.
CaliberMind Aggregated Other Pie chart slice

Aggregation Date Filter

The aggregation filter is a short-cut for commonly used data that is relative to date and time fields. This filter functions at the dashboard-wide level.  Select values within the aggregation filter to update the time groups displayed in any charts where the filter is implemented. To change the granularity of the aggregate dimensions select the desired time frame.

CaliberMind Aggregation Date Filter Buttons

Restoring the Dashboard

  • To restore the original state of the Dashboard, select the vertical ellipses on the top right navigation. Click Restore Dashboard.
CaliberMind Dashboards Menu displaying Restore Dashboard option
  • Alternatively, you are able to Restore dashboards from the Main Navigation.

CaliberMind Dashboards Main Navigation Menu

Exporting a Dashboard as a PDF

  1. To export your Dashboard as a PDF, select the PDF icon on the top right of the toolbar.
Exporting a CaliberMind Dashboard as a PDF
  1. The PDF Report Settings is located on the left side of the PDF Download Screen.
CaliberMind PDF Report Settings
  1. You are able to Save, Download, or Cancel your PDF download. The action buttons are on the bottom left of the download screen.
Download buttons

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