CaliberMind Insights - Using Dashboards

If you add or change filters, add widgets, or make any other substantial changes to a dashboard you want to keep long term, first clone the dashboard and then make the modifications to a copy. The standard, out-of-the-box dashboards are linked to templates that will overwrite your templates whenever an update is made centrally.

Drilling down on Dashboards

A Dashboard is a collection of one or more widgets that visualize your data. CaliberMind Insights Dashboards were built with the intent that end users start with the summary or overview and then click into components to drill down further.

  • To drill into a Dashboard, simply click on the component or number you would like to learn more about. Here we click on a chart component, then drill down further by clicking on a detail chart number:
  • To get back to the top-level report, simply click on the Dashboard you began with:

Changing date ranges

You have multiple options for changing date ranges.

  • You can either use a date filter (for more on Filters, go here):
  • Or you can select the date range you're curious about:

Restoring the Dashboard

  • To restore the original state of the Dashboard, select the vertical ellipses next to the Dashboard and then click Restore Dashboard:
  • You can also restore your filters by clicking the refresh icon in the filter menu:

For more information on interacting with Filters, see our Filter Documentation.

Exporting a Dashboard as a PDF

  1. To export your Dashboard as a PDF, select the PDF icon:
  1. If you would like to email your PDF or share via a file-sharing system, download your PDF:

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