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Funnels - Start Here!

Funnels - Start Here!

Every business relies on marketing in today's fast-paced market. To help marketers, our new funnel is a tool that provides tactics, dashboards, and reports to help understand and analyze your industry's customer journey. Marketing funnels remain a constant necessity despite the evolution within the marketing field. CaliberMind's Funnel provides insights into your customer's path to purchase by identifying their journey. CaliberMind's Funnel details each step of the buyer's journey. Here we will explore how to improve the performance of your own marketing funnel by examining the segmented funnel, investigating customer touchpoints, and analyzing customer segments. 

Funnels 101

  1. Marketing Sales Funnel Foundations
    1. Fundamentals of sales funnels [1 min video]
    2. Why do B2B businesses have funnels?
    3. General funnel stage definitions
  2. What is a marketing funnel?
  3. Sales funnel glossary
  4. Sales funnel journey Q&A
  5. Funnel stage definitions

How to Use the CaliberMind's Funnel App

  1. Introducing CaliberMind's Funnels Info-graphic
  2. Default Starter Funnel Dashboard
  3. Demand Generation Funnel Dashboard
  4. Useful CaliberMind Funnels metrics
  5. Funnel Cohort Analysis Dashboard
  6. Funnel Cohort Dashboard Use Cases
  7. Funnel Data Explore Dashboard
  8. Funnels Trend Analysis Dashboard
  9. Funnel Trigger Events Dashboard
  10. Funnels Use Cases
  11. Funnel Pressure Events Dashboard

Configuration and Technical Documentation

  1. Funnel Configuration
  2. How are funnel stages defined in CaliberMind?
  3. Terms used in tables
  4. Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity Statuses, and Stages
  5. Funnel Events - Introduction
  6. Funnels FAQs
  7. What is a CaliberMind Starter Funnel?

Custom Funnel Configuration

  1. Funnel Stages Configuration and Stage Definitions
  2. Funnel Company Inclusion Configuration
  3. Funnel Person Inclusion Configuration
  4. Funnel Settings Configuration

Custom Events Configuration

  1. Funnel History Event Configuration
  2. Funnel Static Event Configuration

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Funnel History Event Configuration

What channels move journeys through a given stage?