Bing/Microsoft Ad's Connector

Who should use the Bing Ads API?

You should consider using the Bing Ads API if your business model resembles any of the following:

  • You are a direct advertiser managing your own ad spend and you want to integrate our PPC marketing with your internal inventory management or conversion tracking systems.
  • You are a tools vendor developing advertising management solutions for advertisers or agencies.
  • You are an advertising agency and manage ad campaigns for many clients.
  • You are an aggregator and want to build Bing Ads API applications to manage the campaigns of your advertising clients.

User Permissions

Microsoft Advertising user roles are Super Admin, Standard User, Advertiser Campaign Manager, and Viewer.

Here are the roles in a nutshell:

  • Super Admin. This role has full permissions for all accounts. A Super Admin can manage everything related to billing and payments, account details, and other users (including other Super Admins). The Super Admin can specify which accounts other users have access to. When signing up as a new customer, the first user is the Super Admin. Super Admins can also be set as the Primary Contact to an account.
  • Standard User. This role has permissions to manage campaigns and perform some billing activities on selected accounts. This role cannot add, edit, or delete payment methods; create or delete accounts; or link to or unlink from clients. Standard Users can also be set as the Primary Contact to an account.
  • Advertiser Campaign Manager. This role has permissions to view selected accounts and add, edit, or delete campaigns within the selected accounts. The Super Admin can specify which accounts the Advertiser Campaign Manager has access to. The Advertiser Campaign Manager can view payment methods, but cannot manage any billing or payment tasks.
  • Viewer. This role has read-only permissions.




To connect your Microsoft Advertising account to Fivetran, you need:


  1. An active account with valid Microsoft Advertising user credentials
  2. Access to the accounts for which data is to be fetched





Setting up in CaliberMind

Syncing Microsoft Bing data with CaliberMind is easy!


  1. +
    Navigate to Settings >> Integrations and click 'Add Connector' then select the 'Microsoft Bing' Add Connector button:


  1. Click I Understand when prompted: 

  1. Choose which GA Views and Accounts you wish to sync to your data warehouse. This will determine which domain(s) we're pulling data from.

  1. You will be asked which metrics (limit 7) and dimensions (limit 10) to import. We recommend including referral parameters, campaign, date, and source data.

Your work here is done! Contact us if you encounter any errors or have questions about dimensions and metrics.


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