SFTP Synced Files - Making a Data Change

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Updating data in SFTP synced tables

If you use SFTP to push data to CaliberMind, you may be faced with situations where you need to edit the data after it was synced. An example use case for this is the deletion of data due to a GDPR erasure request.

Update the data at the source and re-sync

If it is possible to resend all of the existing data to CaliberMind, the easiest way to update the files is to update the data at the source and then re-sync all of the data.

  1. Update the data at the data source.
  2. Delete all of the data in the SFTP / FTP folder that you wish to re-sync.
  3. Ask your CSM to perform a historical re-sync of the data.

Update specific files in the SFTP folder

This method is more time-intensive and should only be used if the above method is not feasible.

  1. Connect to the SFTP server using an SFTP client (e.g. CyberDuck).
    1. If you don't have SFTP credentials, log in to CaliberMind and navigate to SFTP Settings for more information about SFTP accounts.
  2. Download all of the files needed to be searched to your local hard drive.
  3. Find the files containing the data that you need to edit.
  4. Edit the files using a text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code).
  5. Upload the files back into the SFTP server, overwriting the source files that were edited.

Once these steps are completed, the data in your data warehouse will update after the next sync.

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