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Setting Up the Salesforce Push Connector

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What is the Salesforce Push Connector?

The Salesforce push connector enables your organization to use CaliberMind to write, de-duplicate, and merge records in your Salesforce CRM. In other words, while you already have your Salesforce Pull connector established for CaliberMind to ingest data, the push connector allows CaliberMind to take action on your data.

When Can You Use the Salesforce Push Connector?

CaliberMind has the ability to use our Flows feature to improve your data health and integrity by unifying and cleaning your data, standardizing your data (i.e. cleans open text values like industry, title, and website into something that is categorizable and usable in a reporting layer), and write/push data like ABM Scores to your Salesforce. With the Push connector enabled, you'll be able use Flows to automate data processes.

Ask your CSM on how to get the most out of our Flows feature in CaliberMind!

How Do You Set Up the SalesForce Push Connector?

First off, you'll need the Read permission enabled for the User connected so CaliberMind can pull in what the logic currently is for the fields. We can’t write or edit records unless we can view the records.

We recommend to connect with the same user that connected the Salesforce Pull Connector so it’s the same fields exposed. It isn’t necessary, but it's highly advised to make things easier!

Secondly, the user connected needs the Edit permisson enabled for any object and fields you want available to modify/write.

Once these permissions are enabled for the user that you'll be connecting to our Salesforce Push Connector, proceed with the following steps:

  • Click on the Settings gear at the top right.
    Adding the Linkedin Push connector to CaliberMind
  • Expand on the "Connectors" section, select "Create Push Connector", and then click on "Add Connector" for your Salesforce CRM.
  • You'll then be prompted to name your Salesforce Push Connector and to authorize CaliberMind to configure the connector.
  • You'll then again be prompted to Allow access for CaliberMind to perform the following on the screen:
  • Once you've Allowed access, you'll be able to see your Salesforce connector listed in "Push Connectors" under "Push Connectors Status" in your Settings.

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