Object Manager: Campaign Member

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Why would you use Object Mapping for the Campaign Member table?

The Objecting Manager feature is a great custom feature to use to create rules and logic to transform and filter data within an object/table in CaliberMind. The rules in the Object Manager create simulate a SQL case statement that transforms/filters your data.

For the 'cm_campaignmember' table, in your Object Manager settings, the main use case for object mapping is to block or prevent specific individuals from receiving attribution.

For example, you want to omit all events with your own organization name since you do not want your colleagues as campaign members to be accredited for attribution. You can create a filter with these rules in place accordingly. You can also create rules for mapping in replacement and substitution as well.

Here in this image below, events that contain these values (HubSpot, my.calibermind.com, etc.) will be excluded from attribution.

With the different options to filter, replace, and substitute, you will be able to map your values in a chosen column within the "cm_campaignmember" table to transform your data in CaliberMind to see your results accurately for your needs.

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