Create a Campaign List Filter

Campaign lists can be generated from tables and file uploads in CaliberMind to easily filter your reports by groupings of Campaigns.

Frequent use cases for campaign list filtering include:

  • Campaigns started/stopped in a particular date range
  • Pulling Campaigns from a particular platform (i.e. Hubspot)
  • Filtering for campaigns with a specific subset of criteria that exists outside of the standard filters (i.e. from a custom field)

Column requirements for the 'Campaign List' filter (does not need to be named exactly, but has to be the equivalent):

  • Campaign ID

Creating a Campaign List filter can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the List Builder in the left-hand menu

  2. Select Create List on the right-hand side and choose Dynamic List
  3. Under the Select Table drop-down, type in cm_campaign (CaliberMind-generated campaign table) or your CRM campaign table (i.e. sf_campaign)
  4. Select the field you wish to pull in that represents the Campaign ID under Select or Type and click SAVE at the top right

  5. Select Publish and click OK
  6. Once you see the status updated to Healthy (may need to refresh the page), click back into your list

  7. Click on Data Builder at the top-right

  8. Select the + sign under Editor
  9. Under List Tags, choose Campaign, select your Key Type (Campaign ID) and select the Key Field that maps to your selected Key Type
  10. Click OK and then click Save at the top right
  11. All done! You have just created a Campaign list filter (please note: it may take a few minutes to show up as an option to filter on)

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