Setting Up Workflow - Website Repair

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How does it work?

If an account does not have an organization domain associated with them, the CaliberMind platform will use the email address of main points-of-contacts to identify the company's domain, making it much easier for data enrichment platforms to provide you with additional data points.

The high-level process:

  • Find accounts with no website domain
  • Look at the email domains for the contacts
  • Identify the most popular domain if there are more than one
  • Push the domain to the Website field on the account

Setting up Website Repair workflow:

  1. Create a Custom list in CaliberMind, for example: “FLOW - Website Repair” 
  2. Copy and paste the below SQL found in THIS LINK into the list and save
  1. Hit "Test" and confirm if the data is shown correctly
  2. Create a new flow:
    1. Select “Update/Create records in Salesforce”
    1. Select the list you created in step 2
    2. Select the "Account" object
    3. Map the id field to the account.Id field
    4. Map the suggested_website field to the field
    5. Set a schedule and/or limit (optional)
  1. Launch flow!
  2. Check the log file after the workflow has been completed to see if there were any errors from Salesforce.

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