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Before Using the Account Detail Dashboard

We recommend you check out the articles on the Engagement Overview Dashboard, Using Dashboards, and Engagement Terminology and Key Concepts if you haven't already.

The Account Detail Dashboard

The Account Detail Dashboard tells you when and how an account has engaged with you, including the people interacting with your company, the campaigns they are engaging with, the kind of events they're creating, and the channels they're navigating to your campaigns from.

Pro Tip: The Account Detail Dashboard is meant to help you answer questions generated by the Engagement Overview Account charts.
  • The Categories above the Column Chart allow you to pivot the chart and table data by different dimensions:
CaliberMind Categories function lets you pivot your chart and table data by varying dimensions

For more information on Terminology and Key Concepts in Engagement Dashboards, go here.

For more information on using Filters, go here.

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