Integrating Pardot with CaliberMind exposes a wealth of activity and data to your scoring models -- helping you better qualify interested marketing prospects for sales. Enabling the Pardot connection will automatically sync the following tables to your CaliberMind data warehouse:

  • pardot_prospect
  • pardot_visitoractivity
  • pardot_visit
  • pardot_listmembership
  • pardot_visitor
  • pardot_opportunity
  • pardot_list
  • pardot_tagobject
  • pardot_tag

Connecting Pardot to CaliberMind

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Integrations >> Add Connector
  2. Login to Pardot in another browser tab and find your API key by going to the user profile you wish to use.

3. Copy your API Key from Pardot into CaliberMind.4. Enter the username and password tied to that API key and complete the wizard.

Once activated, we'll begin extracting Pardot for analysis automatically ;-). You're all set!

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