System Overview

Getting Started

New to CaliberMind? This section is for you! Here we cover the VERY basics, like logging into the app.

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Connectors / Integrations

CaliberMind allows quick and easy integration of all your favorite Marketing and Sales systems. Best of all, most connections are bi-directional; we can read and write data on-the-fly to your systems as needed.

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Developer Guide

Our Developer Guide is for the most data-savvy in your organization. We'll show you the ins and outs of the CaliberMind schema, including our in-depth data dictionary.

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System Configuration

Our System Configuration section of HelpDocs will introduce you to the brains behind CaliberMind. If you want to know how to limit the data your organization sees, swap out key fields, or normalize data, System Configuration is exactly where you need to be.

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List Builder

Leverage List Builder as a replacement for grunt-work done in spreadsheets. Query ALL your data in near real-time, run powerful calculations, or build lists of target accounts for ABM.

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Web Tracker Installation & Settings

CaliberMind's JS Analytics web tracker is a crucial aspect of your ability to see a comprehensive view of your buyer's journey. This folder includes how-tos and use case examples of why and where to install this snippet of code.

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If the System Configuration section shows you the brains behind CaliberMind, Flows are the brawn. Flows do the dirty work of pushing data into your source systems for better data hygiene and greater visibility for teams that spend all of their time outside of CaliberMind.

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The first step to creating a successful marketing program for your business is creating an end-to-end marketing plan. Businesses with a marketing plan have a systematic approach to promoting their brands. It is not necessary to have a complex and expensive marketing campaign planning process in order for it to be effective.    Here are the essential components to include in your marketing plans which are supported by the CaliberMind Campaigns module.

Setting Up Answers

Get a high-level snapshot of the performances in your campaigns, funnels, and account engagement scores.

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User Administration & SSO

Staying on top of security is mission-critical in this day and age. This section covers granting and taking away access to the CaliberMind app and setting up single-sign-on for a better user experience.

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Identify users using Intercom Messenger

Identify users using Intercom Messenger. When a user supplies their email in an Intercom messenger session, sending the identified user to AnalyticsJS requires a small update to your Intercom impleme…

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GDPR Compliance with CaliberMind

Compliance Starts at the (Data) Source. CaliberMind understands that many of our customers may have obligations under data privacy and protection laws to provide individuals with the right to delete…


Data Dictionary

The CaliberMind Data Dictionary stores and communicates metadata about data in your application's data. The data dictionaries serve as guides to datasets. As per a report by Harvard Business Review, data scientists spend 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and organizing data, leaving just 20% for analysis. Understanding the CaliberMind Data Dictionary will give you back this valuable lost time.