Insights Engagement Dashboard

Insights - Engagement - Start Here!

There are a LOT of insights packed into each dashboard, and it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're first starting out. Start with this step-by-step walk-through.


Insights - Engagement - Dashboard Terminology & Key Concepts

General Dashboard Functionality. For more information on the following topics, click on the linked topic: User Permissions & Sharing Dashboards. Key Concepts like Widgets, Dashboards, Filters, etc..…


Insights - Engagement Overview

The Engagement Overview Dashboard is a great way to understand engagement trends associated with activities or events. These are interactions between external prospects and your company (such as website visits, web forms, events, emails, etc.).


Insights - Engagement - System Account Detail

The Account Detail Dashboard tells you when and how an account has engaged with you, including the people interacting with your company, the campaigns they are engaging with, and how they are finding those campaigns.


Insights - Engagement - Person Detail

The Person Detail dashboard is meant to provide more details about questions asked while reviewing the Engagement Overview and Account Dashboard.


Insights Engagement Dashboard - Aggregation Dates

Let's Discuss Aggregation Dates. Date aggregation determines how your charts are grouped. Currently, the report is aggregated by days. As you can see there is a large amount of data represented and t…