3rd Party Intent Signals with Bombora

Erika Updated by Erika

CaliberMind is excited to partner with Bombora to enable you to have access to 3rd party buying signals for terms that are relevant to your business.

The process for the inclusion of intent signals is as follows:

  1. The CaliberMind team will use your website to scrape applicable keywords from the Bombora Intent signal database. You are then able to add/remove signals that might have been missed.
  2. These signals, along with a signal strength threshold, will be added to your event stream in CaliberMind in a once a week granularity and will be matched by domain to accounts in your system. These events will show up as anonymous events for each of the companies.
  1. While you are able to see these events alongside the buyer journey for each of the above companies, CaliberMind recommends building out a separate engagement scoring model that focuses on intent signals to have visibility into 3rd party signals separately from and parallel to 1st party signals. 
    The CaliberMind UI will populate with recommended weights for each signal from past indicators of success (these can be manually adjusted).

The resulting models offer you visibility into trends and Insights around companies that are showing positive 3rd party intent signals that are applicable to your organization. This data can be grouped by the signals themselves (source, topic, etc.) or even viewed by individual companies to enable you to run focused increased awareness campaigns through 1st party actions.

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