Analytics Reporting: Salesforce Custom Column Filter Support

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One of the main customizations in our reporting layer has been to accommodate filtering on custom fields. We now have the ability to filter on these custom columns in our Analytics - Attribution, Engagement & Funnels reporting. This feature will be rolled out to all Analytics and "Search" Reports. As part of this rollout, all custom columns added to the tables listed below will result in that column being made available as a filter.

These fields can be unselected as filters by toggling the column name off on the Object Manager - Custom Columns Page (links below):

cm_campaign___salesforce - custom Campaign columns

cm_account___salesforce - custom Company columns

cm_opportunity___salesforce - custom Opportunity columns

cm_contact___salesforce - custom Person columns

cm_salesforce_lead - custom Person column

Remember that the Data Pipeline will need to run in order for the filters to work in reports.
  1. All of your Custom Salesforce fields are now available in the Analytics Reporting listed above.

  1. If you have Custom Columns that you don’t want to be visible in the Analytics Reporting, you can toggle those off in your Object Manager settings.

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