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CaliberMind Sandbox

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Making changes to your data pipeline logic can create unexpected results. When your business uses CaliberMind data for day to day operations, this can create risk. CaliberMind’s new Sandbox feature allows you to take the guesswork out of your logic changes.

Use Case 1: Object Manager Updates

These configuration pages allow you to change the way your raw data is transformed from your source systems to CaliberMind tables. Below are the supported types of transformations.

  • Add Custom Columns: Allows you to add custom columns to this CaliberMind table.
  • Add Filter: Create rules that determines what data is allowed to be written to this CaliberMind table. This simulates a where clause in SQL.
  • Create Mappings: This allows a new field to be used in place of a CaliberMind standard field.
  • Create Replacements: Creating rules here will replace string values with another string value. For example, replace "Company" with "Co.", or replace hyphens with spaces. Regex expressions are permitted.
  • Create Substitutions: This allows you to create more complex logic for standard CaliberMind fields. These rules simulate a SQL Case Statement.

After making changes in the Object Manager request that your Sandbox’s Data Pipeline be re-run by submitting a Tech Support Ticket.

Use Case 2: Custom SQL Updates

Our Customer Success Team has the ability to commit custom SQL updates for your Sandbox and Production Environments. If you have Custom SQL Updates, or have made a request to have your CSM update a Custom SQL job, they can handle this with a Tech Support Ticket.

Sandbox Functionality

You’ll notice that your CaliberMind Sandbox has a different look than your standard CaliberMind environment. This is easily noticed by the coloring at the left and top of the page as well as the area where the organization name is displayed.

You may also notice that some of the Navigation items are not available in the Sandbox CaliberMind environment. The intention is to remove confusion with what functionality the Sandbox environment has available.

Unavailable Standard Navigation Items:

  • Insights
  • Answers
  • Notifications

Unavailable Settings Navigation Items:

  • Answers
  • Connectors
  • Emails
  • Flows
  • Home Page
  • SFTP

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