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Company Engagement AI Summary

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The Company Engagement AI Summary is a game changer. In an instant, users receive a summary of hundreds of complex B2B sales cycle touches. This first-of-its-kind deployment of AI mines engagement and intent data to summarize the buyer journey, buying group and key marketing activities.

  • For BDRs, the AI Summary will shine a light on the most active/engaged members of the Buyer Group for outreach.
  • For AEs, the AI summary provides a crystal clear picture of key influencers in a deal cycle.
  • For Growth Marketers the AI Summary provides an instant understanding of which marketing and sales channels are effective.
  • When combined with Bombora Intent data, a much larger understanding of the buyer journey is revealed.


This feature is currently available to all existing CaliberMind customers. During the experimental rollout of this feature there will be no charge. This feature will become a paid feature in the future.

How It Works

Vertex AI offers access to Gemini models from Google. Gemini, a first-party model, is capable of understanding virtually any input, combining different types of information, and generating almost any output. CaliberMind is using the Vertex AI API to create summaries of complex event streams in order to identify key points for our users.

Ready to take your CaliberMind to the next level?

Contact your CSM to formally request the Experimental AI Summary to get started.

  1. Search for a Company
  1. Navigate to the Engagement tab

  1. Scroll to the Engagement Timeline and select the AI Summary icon

Reference: Vertex AI with Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini 1.5 Flash

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