Attribution Models

Attribution Models: W-Shaped

The “W” shape model is an attribution model that gives different weights to activities that include the following criteria: An activity that is flagged as the primary campaign, the activity is associated with a primary contact, or the activity happened prior to the opportunity.


Attribution Models: Middle

A standard model used for baselining attribution for opportunities flagged with a primary campaign. This model works with standard fields in CRMs like Every implementation of CaliberM…


Chain-Based Attribution Model

Introducing the CaliberMind Chain-Based Attribution Model: Using data science to analyzing probabilities of linked events in the customer journey, we're now able to predict sales opportunity conversion with a much higher level of accuracy than previous marketing attribution models -- ultimately leading to more revenue and better decisions for your B2B Enterprise.

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Choosing the Right Attribution Model

Each attribution model answers a different business question. We'll highlight the most common uses for each model so you're better equipped to choose the right attribution model for your organization's needs.


The A-Shaped Model

What is the “A” shaped Model? The A-Shaped model is an attribution model that assigns weights to eligible touches based on each touch’s proximity to the date an opportunity was created. The closer th…

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