Getting Started

​New to CaliberMind - Start Here!

New to CaliberMind? Let's get you started! The Knowledge Base has everything you need to get started and become a master of your marketing, sales, and success data. What is CaliberMind?. CaliberMind…

Cathy Funderburg
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Signing In to CaliberMind

When logging into CaliberMind as a new user, you will be set to the default user role as set by your administrator. Note, that if your default is set to "disabled" then you'll need to be activated by…

Cathy Funderburg
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How to use Dashboards

Dashboards are a collection of reports which allow users to access the information they want quickly How to Use Dashboards. Dashboards are a great way to bundle multiple reports so they can be access…

Andrew Sawusch
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Digital Marketing Terminology

A AB Testing - A common practice used by marketers to test various aspects of an email, landing page, or other aspects of marketing content. “We are doing an A/B test of our home page to determine wh…

Cathy Funderburg
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