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​New to CaliberMind - Start Here!

New to CaliberMind? Let's get you started! The Knowledge Base has everything you need to get started and become a master of your marketing, sales, and success data. What is CaliberMind?. CaliberMind…


CaliberMind Home Page & Navigation

This document outlines the New Home Page in CaliberMind. To get insights into our customer’s hands as quickly as possible, you'll see top level metrics displayed as soon as you log in.


Signing In to CaliberMind

When logging into CaliberMind as a new user, you will be set to the default user role as set by your administrator. Note, that if your default is set to "disabled" then you'll need to be activated by…


How do I use CaliberMind's search functionality?

This document outlines the CaliberMind Account, Campaign, People, Opportunity Search Feature.


Company or Account Detail - Search Results

When people search for an account in CaliberMind, they'll be presented with a wealth of information! Check out the article to see a detailed description of each possible option.


Campaign Detail - Search Results

Searching for a Campaign record in CaliberMind can reveal a ton of details about that record, which makes the detail pages ideal for troubleshooting or research.


Person Detail - Search Results

CaliberMind's person search results provides you with a detailed page of activities, opportunities, and funnel journeys associated with the person in question.


Opportunity Detail - Search Results

Searching for a record in CaliberMind can reveal a ton of details about that record, which makes the detail pages ideal for showing sales all attributable activities associated with a single opportunity.


How Does CaliberMind Define a "Channel"?

We understand that the word "channel" is pretty loaded. Different platforms define it in different ways. The "Channel" is defined as the UTM Medium associated with a CRM campaign and it's only available in certain circumstances.


What Is a CaliberMind Event or Event Table?

What Is a CaliberMind "Event"? The CaliberMind Event table is probably the most central element in all of CaliberMind's data models. To oversimplify, the CaliberMind Event table is a timeline of inte…


How to use Dashboards

Dashboards are a collection of reports which allow users to access the information they want quickly How to Use Dashboards. Dashboards are a great way to bundle multiple reports so they can be access…

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