Engagement Scoring

Model Configuration

Engagement scoring isn't a "Set it and forget it" kind of thing. Check out CaliberMind's scoring model configuration options and keep iterating.

Using Engagement Score to Trigger an Update in Salesforce

Description. The CaliberMind Engagement score is a very powerful metric that helps your Marketing and Sales teams understand exactly how engaged a specific account is with CaliberMind. Most customers…


Which touches and events are we scoring?

Which Touches and Events are we Scoring? If you have any of the following questions, this dashboard is worth a view: Are all my events being scored? Am I scoring my events accurately? - Do I need to…


Customize Engagement Scoring Models - Start Here!

Engagement Scoring - Start Here! CaliberMind easily integrates with Marketing Automation Platforms, CRM, and other data sources through Connectors. This provides you with a plethora of data, all elig…


Default ABM Scoring Logic

Scoring can help in understanding and tracking engagement, but first we need to understand the default scoring logic applied in CaliberMind. Overview. Pulling person, company, and related event infor…