Understanding Reports

​CaliberMind Metrics Definition

General Definitions Found on Dashboards within the CaliberMind App. Attribution. " Sourced" Attribution on touches occurring prior to Opportunity creation. If webinar registrant watches the webinar a…


CaliberMind Analytics Concepts

In order to socialize CaliberMind within an organization, it's critically important to understand our reporting data model so you can confidently explain it to others on your team.. CDP Reporting Arc…

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Overview of Analytics and Attribution

CaliberMind offers a variety of useful reports for marketing, sales and data health. Some customers with larger BI teams also wish to connect to our data warehouse directly -- which is also completel…


Filters and Hyperlinks

All reports in CaliberMind can be filtered dynamically by modifying the URL in your web browser. Reports have default filters, but filters can be overridden by the URL. This is useful for creating hy…


Using the Engagement Trending Report

CaliberMind covers a few reasons you would want to use the Engagement Trending report and how to think about some of its features.


Analytics Reporting: Salesforce Custom Column Filter Support

The CaliberMind reporting layer accommodates filtering on custom fields including the ability to filter on Salesforce custom columns in our Analytics - Attribution & Engagement Reporting.

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Using Tags to Organize Your Lists

Using Tags to Organize Your Lists. Why append and add tags to lists?. Tagging your lists created in CaliberMind is a way to add context and provide more organization to your current Lists. With many…

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Attribution Overview - Campaign Performance Table

Campaign Performance Table. Common definitions and frequently asked questions from marketing managers on the Campaign Performance Table that lives on the Attribution Overview Report. Campaign Perform…


Using Campaign Lists in Dashboards

Why use campaign lists in dashboards? The Chief Revenue Officer wants to see how tradeshow marketing campaigns have continued to influence customers past the event. Your Marketing Manager would like…


Using Account Lists in Dashboards

Why Use Account Lists in Dashboards? Your Marketing Manager would like to view attribution from Accounts touched by the advertising agency. Your data analyst has crafted a query to select only Accoun…