Attribution reports allow you to see which tactics are driving pipeline and revenue. Different CaliberMind models answer different questions, so it's important to read up on best practices.

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Demand Generation

Demand Generation reports focus on early indicators and "lead generation" metrics. CaliberMind looks at multiple points in the buyer journey for a holistic view of the data.

Data Integrity

The cleanliness of your data determines the accuracy of your reports. That's why CaliberMind focuses on key metrics to make sure you're getting the most out of your data.

Customer Success

You thought you were just getting a marketing analytics tool, but CaliberMind does much, much more. We also bubble up early warning signs for churn and categorize your accounts by engagement level.

Understanding Reports

CaliberMind's repository for our underlying concepts. We'll cover what things mean and how to think about different settings so you can get the most out of your data.

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Product Attribution Dashboard

Product Attribution Dashboard. What is it? Product Attribution is a dashboard that allows you to see which marketing activities are driving the product pipeline. Why is it Important? Marketers can us…


Attribution Models: First-Touch

The "first-touch" attribution model gives 100% of weight to the first marketing activity or touch point that leads to conversion. It's a single-attribution model where credit is given to the first channel a user has interacted with before converting.

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Self-Hosting CaliberMind AnalyticsJS

Self-Hosting on Analytics JavaScript. Why Self-Host? Self-Hosting Circumvents ad-blockers and ensures maximum tracking footprint.. How to retrieve your API Write Key. Go to Go to '…

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