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Funnel Data Explore Dashboard

CaliberMind Funnel Data Explore Dashboard

The CaliberMind Funnel Data Explore Dashboard connects directly to a CRM. The fields shown may be named differently within each unique system. The field names are easily changed and mapped to your current CRM Instance.

The Funnel Data Explore Dashboard - Purpose

The data explore dashboard is used to view selected customer data from easy to use predefined lists, associated dimensions, and effortless drill-downs directly to your system's entities. With the data explore dashboard, visualized context from flexible dynamically generated dimensions is possible with a few clicks.

The Funnel Data Explore Dashboard - Assumptions

The cohort analysis structure assumes the following:

Your business is using the following standard CRM objects
Campaign Manager
Marketing automation platform integration
Marketing automation platform integration with your CRM and campaign member responses are being managed by your marketing team (for best practices, watch this recorded class)
You have cohort identifiers within your system
User data must be grouped into different "buckets," such as date of joining, date of first purchase, date of demo, purchase year, and all applications purchased at a particular time.
Establihed time of lifecycle stages
In order to calculate lifecycle stages, users are divided into cohorts and the time between events attributed to each cohort is measured in order to calculate lifecycle stages.

Funnel Data Explore Dashboard - Description

CaliberMind Data Explore Dashboard
CaliberMind Funnel Date Range Picker - Select date ranges interactively
CaliberMind Funnel Navigation Dropdown List - Navigate to other dashboards quickly via the dropdown list
CaliberMind Funnel Funnel Selection - Drop-down list of all created funnels
CaliberMind Funnel Date Aggregation - Drop-down list of date ranges: Quarter, month, week, day aggregation buttons
CaliberMind Funnel Row Selection Drop-down list - Interactive drop-down list of all available row option
CaliberMind Funnel Column Selection Drop-down list  - Interactive drop-down list of all available column options
CaliberMind Funnel Metric Selection Drop-down List - Interactive drop-down list of all available metric options
CaliberMind Funnel Stage Data Table  - Returns values based upon interactive selection from drop-down options
CaliberMind Funnel Interactive Drill-down values - Drill-down to select variable of interest 

Funnel Data Explore Dashboard - Use Cases

The following use cases have been developed based on the perspective of the user type. An explanation of the type of information is provided, as well as a dashboard from where you can easily obtain that information.

Who Would Use the Data Explore Dashboard?

Role: Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, Marketing Directors, Marketing Tacticians, and Operations

Examples of Funnel Data Explore Use Case Scenarios
  1. Data Explore for download to use with other BI tools or Excel
    The table widget provides download capabilities to meet any business needs. Export data from a funnels visualization dashboard as a .csv, .pdf, or Excel file to use with other BI visualization tool as needed.
  1. "Where can I find information on the most deals that are likely to close? It's the end of quarter and I need to hit my numbers!"
    The assumptions for this use case are 1) You have a 90 day sales cycle 2) Your in the last 30 days of the cycle 3) You want to identify which customers are in the later stage of the sales cycle and have the highest possibility of closing. 4) Your team needs to win 'em and close 'em before the end of the sales cycle.
CaliberMind Data Explore Journey

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